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The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 mapped

Cartaro site on the Cuban missile crisis.

In October 1962 the Cold War reached its dangerous peak after the CIA discovered missile sites on Cuba. The following 15 days that brought the world close to a nuclear world war entered history as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Michael Dobbs, author of many books and articles on the Cold War, takes the 50th anniversary of the cuban crisis as an occasion to tell the story again with realtime tweets.


One Minute to Midnight by Michael Dobbs

The new Cartaro use case shows all tweets from Michael Dobbs since 16th October on a map.

We use the location feature of Twitter to import tweets with location information into Cartaro. Whenever the tweet includes location data, we extract it from the XML feed and convert it to a PostGIS geometry. For this to be accomplished we did a little hack on the Drupal feeds module. Of course, in all cases when the tweet comes without location data we have to cheat and add the location data manually. Thanks to the integrated geodata editing functions of Cartaro this is just a matter of seconds.

All locations from the tweets are available within Cartaro and thus can be used as OGC web service. The crosses on the Cartaro powered site are drawn from a web feature service as delivered by Cartaro's GeoServer.

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