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Layer Creation Assistant

The OpenLayers module within Cartaro gives the ability to configure the layers to be used in your maps. This means maps can consist of Cartaro-managed data (raster-graphics as WMS and vector-graphics such as WFS with custom styling) and data from external web services.

We do understand though that for non-professionals it can be quite some hassle setting up everything sound due to the complex nature of spatial data and its delivery. GIS professionals can doubtlessly create a working setup given the existing tools but the process can be tedious in case multiple data sources are involved.

Cartaro has therefore been extended with a layer assistant that is able to help out by guiding inexperienced users to the right service types. Afterwards it derives basically all necessary settings which avoids typos and tedious entries. Furthermore the assistant does help setting up layers by parsing available data (GetCapabilities documents) of third-party services and proposes correct configurations for WMS layers.

Access the OpenLayers Layer Assistant from within the OpenLayers module.

Yet another highlight is the seamless integration of mapmatters. This gives a search engine for publicly available map services right from Cartaro and does also allow for fully automated layer configuration.

Search for layers is offered if applicable.

Layers can be automatically configured from search results or WMS GetCapabilities. Layers configured that way do include proper titles and descriptions by the way.

Assistant proposes a valid setup to be taken over with a single click.

The assistant is realized as a module that augments the OpenLayers module. It comes as part of the Cartaro download but can be used standalone, too.

Enjoy the easier way of setting up layers and spice up your Cartaro-based application or web site with new layers.

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