Geospatial CMS


5 October 2015

We are often asked about the best ways to get a first impression of Cartaro. Often installation turns out to be rather difficult for people who do not know the components of Cartaro by heart. In order to provide an easier way to get an individual running Cartaro installation there is now a Docker container available.

20 March 2015

Deprecation warning:This workaround is not necessary any more. The bug is solved, please upgrade to new newest versions again. If you followed the instructions here, please remove the pinning file and the additional apt archive.

10 March 2014

This year Cartaro will participate in the Google Summer of Code. This means that interested and talented students may apply for a stipend from Google that allows them to develop new functionalities for Cartaro. Apply until March 21 and get the chance to contribute your piece of open source code to Cartaro.

4 March 2013

We are happy to announce that Cartaro is part of the OSGeo-Live DVD now. This gives everybody the chance to try out Cartaro locally without hazzling with the installation. Cartaro is being used for a steadily increasing number of projects, and in parallel more and more people are wanting to try out the features of the...

22 October 2012

The OpenLayers module within Cartaro gives the ability to configure the layers to be used in your maps. This means maps can consist of Cartaro-managed data (raster-graphics as WMS and vector-graphics such as WFS with custom styling) and data from external web services.

18 October 2012

In October 1962 the Cold War reached its dangerous peak after the CIA discovered missile sites on Cuba. The following 15 days that brought the world close to a nuclear world war entered history as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Michael Dobbs, author of many books and articles on the Cold War, takes the 50th anniversary of the...

9 October 2012

We are happy to announce the first beta of Cartaro. Cartaro is the geospatial content management platform that allows setting-up and running a geo-enabled website easily. Cartaro integrates some of the best open source geospatial software with the well established CMS Drupal. The most prominent features of Cartaro compared to...

11 September 2012

Since Cartaro does support the easy creation of user defined content types and OGC compliant services it is only logical to advance a step further and provide the ability for user defined styles as well. Custom layer styles are therefore available now for rendering directly in the browser for WFS layers and on the server for...

20 September 2011

geOps releases the source code of OpenLayers Editor under a FreeBSD license. OpenLayers Editor offers a toolbar for precise and efficient editing of geodata in the browser.

14 July 2011

This article gives an overview of the management of spatial data with Drupal and briefly describes the components of our implementation.