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Docker container available

Installation has never been the best thing about Cartaro. It can be rather cumbersome to install all components and make them talk to each other in the right way. Often people are confronted with lacking permissions e.g. for accessing GeoServer and do not know exactly where they have to fix them. Since some time we have directed everybody who could not deal with the installation to use either the online demo or to run Cartaro from the OSGeo Live DVD. Today we have finally added another way: the Docker container with Cartaro.

The container provides a quick and easy way to get a local demo installation of Cartaro. It contains all components needed, such as the Apache webserver with PHP, a readily configured Geoserver as well as a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS. The only requirement is a running Docker installation. Although the container focusses on demonstration of Cartaro it is also possible to use it as the starting point of an installation for production usage.

You can find everything to let the container run on the dedicated page. Have fun!

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