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Provide Geo Web Services

The tight integration of Cartaro with GeoServer allows you to publish your geospatial data in a multitude of data formats and web services. As soon as content types with geospatial data fields have been created, you will be able to add layers to your GeoServer through Cartaro. Creating your own GeoServer styles (SLD format) allows for visual customization of GeoServer layers.

Creating new Geoserver layers from Cartaro

Based on the geodata in Drupal, we can create now GeoServer layers that will be provided via WMS or WFS.

Go to Structure → GeoServer from the menu bar to visit the GeoServer configuration page. Select Layers and click Add to add your new layer. Type a layer title and description.


Select PostGIS Field as Layer type and your spatially-enabled content type as Source. If you have created a Geoserver style though Structure → GeoServer, it would be selectable here.


Within the OpenLayers section, is it possible to have this layer automatically available in the layer list of the OpenLayers module. It can be requested to GeoServer from the Openlayers client inside Drupal through WFS, tiled WMS or untiled WMS protocols.


In the layer specifics section there is the actual layer definition that will be created from GeoServer as a view performed over the Drupal database. This view can be modified to fit your needs. The rules defined at the end of the view definition allows WFS-T operations over the layer.


Finish configuration by clicking on Save.

See the documentation of the GeoServer module and GeoServer itself for details.

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