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Using Demo Docker container

The Cartaro Demo Docker Container provides a quick and easy way to get
a local demo installation of Cartaro. The container contains all
components needed for Cartaro. These are mainly an Apache webserver
with amongst others PHP, a readily configured Geoserver as well as a
PostgreSQL database with PostGIS.
The only requirement is a running Docker installation, which can be
obtained here

Quick start

Please start your local command-line and enter the following commands.
The commands might vary slightly depending on the operating system in

  • First step
  • Download the image to your local storage so it can be used
    afterwards to start arbitrary numbers of instances.

    sudo docker pull geops/cartaro

  • Second step
  • Start the container. This creates an instance of the
    container and exposes Port 8000 to localhost. Please ensure, that this
    port is not in use.

    sudo docker run -p 8000:80 geops/cartaro

    During startup, warnings related to Tomcat startup failures can be
    safely ignored

You can access Cartaro at http://localhost:8000/ (username "admin",
password "geoserver").

Please note: Using any other Port as 8000 requires the following
configuration change in Cartaro after the startup: login into Cartaro,
open Structure -> GeoServer and adapt GeoServer URL to your needs.

Persistent storage

Please note that by default, any data stored in Docker containers is not persistent, and will be lost when the container is shut down. To enable persistent storage, you must first create a data container:

sudo docker run --name cartaro-data geops/cartaro /bin/echo "Data container for cartaro"

This step is only needed once. After that, start the cartaro container like this:

sudo docker run --volumes-from cartaro-data -p 8000:80 geops/cartaro

Any changes made in cartaro will now be saved to the cartaro-data image, and persist between container restarts.

Production usage

This container images mainly targets on demonstration purposes and is not intend for production usage due to missing security settings and usage of default passwords. If you want to use this container as base image for your individual production-ready image, please take proper measurements to secure your container. Please change at least all passwords (Database passwords, GeoServer admin and root password, Cartaro admin password), lock down the PHP installation, lock down GeoServer and read the Drupal Security Best Practices:

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