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Visualize Geospatial Data

Custom maps can be configured using the OpenLayers module to visualize geospatial data. This article will describe how to display your spatial features on a map and how to build custom maps. You can either display single features on separate pages or display collection of spatial features on a central map as shown below.

Single Feature

The spatial features from a node can be displayed in numerous ways. By default they will be visualized on a map. To change the display settings go to Structures → Content types and click on manage display of the content type you want to edit. Select the desired format and optionally change the display settings by clicking on the button on the right.

Manage display of content type

Feature Collection

Before you can display a collection of spatial features, you need to create a GeoServer layer that contains those features. Go to Structures → GeoServer → Layers and click on Edit of the respective layer. Depending on your needs, enable one of the check boxes in the OpenLayers form section.

GeoServer layer settings

The GeoServer layer is now available to the OpenLayers map configuration. Go to Structures → OpenLayers → Maps and edit or create a map. You can enable your layer from the list in the overlay layers section that appears after clicking the Layers & Styles tab.

OpenLayers map settings

Styling can be provided using SLD files as shown in this example to render railways and bridges differently. More information can be found in the documentation of the OpenLayers module or the symbolization howto.

Information Popups

Additional data can be provided for features using popups so that the data is displayed as soon as a feature is clicked. Even though Cartaro presents sensible information by default you might want to customize the displayed data. To do it, open Structure → GeoServer and edit the layer in question. Modify the SQL query so that a column name provides the popup's title and a column description its main content. Also enable and configure the Pop Up for Features behaviour in the OpenLayers map settings.

Cartaro Popup

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