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The second beta of Cartaro has been released and includes some interesting new features.

An assistant makes it easier to add new map layers to Cartaro. This is accomplished by a module extending the OpenLayers module. The assistant can filter different layer types based on user selectable and easily understandable criteria.

Geometries are not restricted any more to the WGS84 (EPSG:4326) in order to be used on an OpenLayers map. Almost any other projection may be used. Note however that the OpenLayers module still supports only WGS84 and Google-Mercator as display projections of the map.

The JAR file of the GeoServer extension allowing to have a common user database for both Drupal and GeoServer is now included in the distribution.

The way OpenLayers requests vector features from a WFS can now be configured. Available strategies are bounding box and fixed. Bounding box should be used for large datasets whereas fixed is recommended for data sets with only few and small features.

Includes security fixes from Durpal core and the Feeds module.

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