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Within the current release work has focused on the development of several new features that are crucial for the usability of Cartaro for professional and routine geodata management and visualization tasks.

The following are the most important improvements in this context:

  • Better handling of projections
  • Importer for large datasets
  • Integrated querying and filtering of geodata

The new Cartaro release includes updates to the OpenLayers module that bring projection handling into the module. While projections are absolutely common for specialized GIS software, Cartaro missed this feature and you could only use maps with the Google Mercator or WGS 84 projections. Now you are able to define your OpenLayers maps in any projection you need. The new feature motivated us to also update the Cartaro demo and implement a map in the Swiss reference system and with amazing background maps from the Swiss Federal Office for Topography.

All those who already have geodata outside of Cartaro will love the new geodata importer. The feature is based on the Feeds module and on GDAL/OGR, the well-known library for reading and writing almost any geographic data format (this feature depends on GDAL PHP). With the new functionality you may define your own feed importer that allows to read formats such as ESRI Shape, GML or many others into a Drupal content type. The Feeds module allows to import data either once or to define the regular synchronization of data as it is known from the original meaning of "feeds". The importer has also been included in the new version of the Cartaro demo. There it is used to read POI GML-data from OpenPOIMap into Cartaro.

Querying and filtering of features on a map is also a pretty common task. Now that can be easily accomplished with the inclusion of the CQL filter language in Cartaro. Through a new behavior for OpenLayers maps it is now possible to define a filter on any attribute of a GeoServer WFS or WMS layer. However this is only the first step for data querying with Cartaro. Please check the concept for the integration of the Views and PostGIS module in order to get a more flexible and powerful filtering solution. For this extension we are still looking for sponsors.

Besides these main additions there has been a number of small changes and fixes.

The GeoServer authorization mechanism has been improved and requires a new version of geoserver-sec-drupal plugin in case when GeoServer authentication via Drupal is used.

For both the PostGIS and the GeoServer module some adaptations were necessary to stay compatible with the latest changes in the OpenLayers module.

Last not least the design of the default theme for Cartaro that forms also the base of the demo has been overhauled and seen improvements on the styling of lists, forms and tables.

Upgrade: Please activate the Proj4JS and Libraries modules after running the upgrade script.

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