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5 January 2015

Is @CartaroORG still developed or supported? I'm still using it and it's becoming creepy #cartaro

12 December 2014

@CartaroORG Do you have any longer-term roadmap? The development pace seems to be rather stagnant lately.

20 October 2014

Update to the new Cartaro release! Includes fix for dangerous Drupal securtiy leak

Cartaro is the web mapping platform that brings the power of the best open source geospatial components into a content management system. With Cartaro you are able to set-up and run your own geo-enabled and OGC standards-compliant website with not more than a few clicks. The geospatial components used in Cartaro are PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache and OpenLayers. All those are managed from within the powerful CMS Drupal.

Cartaro is for organisations and individuals that need to run a light-weight spatial data infrastructure (SDI) without the need for extensive configurations and much individual programming.

Cartaro is also for all websites that focus on CMS features while also having to handle geospatial data.


We know many people do use Cartaro, but don't know who and how exactly. If you are using Cartaro or its modules, please let us know by sending in your links or screenshots.

Latest Blog Post

10 March 2014

This year Cartaro will participate in the Google Summer of Code. This means that interested and talented students may apply for a stipend from Google that allows them to develop new functionalities for Cartaro. Apply until March 21 and get the chance to contribute your piece of open source code to Cartaro.